November 15th, 1853.

Eleanor Hopewell, 15. Student at a girls school.

From her private diaries:

November 14th, 1853
"School has been exciting. Father says that I am lucky to have this opportunity to continue my education, but that I should not squander it. He hopes that I can become more than just a house wife. He says it's time that women have a hand in the nation. I don't know about all that, but if the other option is getting married, then I'll stay in school. 

"Something strange has happened. Two nights ago I heard a strange noise coming from the woods. It sounded like a click or chirp. At first I suspected it to be a bird I do not know, but no one could tell me about any bird that might sound like it. The next night, the sound was closer and sounded wistful. I do not know if that is the right word, but I swear it yearned for something. I dared not go outside to see, but I looked out the window while the other girls slept. At the edge of the woods beyond the lawn, I saw a lone gas lamp flickering away. I thought that I had merely glanced at it for a moment, but I was awoken on the floor in front of the window by Sarah Goodwin who said I stayed there for hours."

November 15th, 1853
"It called to me again last night. Whatever it is knows me. It wants me. I can understand it now. I do not know how, nor why, but I know what it wants from me. I have sent father a letter to let him know that I want to come home. I need to get away from this place. I cannot give it what it wants."

What little school and family records exist indicate that Eleanor did indeed return home, but had developed some sort of “hysteria” once she arrived. Her diary was locked away once her parents read of the events the four nights before they were able to send for her. She was regularly found wandering the house and grounds of her parents home late at night, particularly around the tree line. She would regularly be heard saying, “I’m here now,” to herself. While the key point of her case is that of mid November when she was 15 years old, it’s notable that she didn’t die until nearly seven years later. Her body was found, gaunt and pale, at the edge of the Hopewell estate in a sitting position facing the woods. Her death was reported as consumption.