Warren, Helen. 42. Missing since April 19th, 1958.

Helen disappeared, from a well-lit street in Greenwich Village. From the cataloguing I have done, this is one of the oldest- if not THE oldest- case for which Lionel has substantial information; spotty rumors and poor record keeping aside.

Helen was, by all accounts, a well-liked English teacher at the local high school. Her husband had died some years before and she never remarried. She lived a solitary life, attending mass each Sunday and writing bland pastoral poetry about love, loss, and longing. Her life was not exciting, but it was stable. By all accounts, there was no reason for her to disappear in plain sight of one James Hanlon who, by his account, was ‘watching her to make sure she got home safely’. Helen regularly walked home around 10pm on Thursday nights after playing cards with other single women from a church group. Her purse, wallet, keys, and a wedding ring were left in the glow of street light at the edge of a small park, along with her shoes.

Mr. Hanlon was questioned extensively and it was discovered that, following serval FOI requests by Lionel, William was intensely investigated for Helen’s disappearance. No stone was left unturned given his association with local worker’s unions and his socialist political leanings. Ultimately, the investigation was closed as Mr. Hanlon proved to be “too normal” to be responsible for Helen’s disappearance. FOI requests about the further investigation into his political leanings were denied.

The only response that followed her disappearance was the arrival of new lamp posts around the park, starting with the installation of a brand new lamp near a vacant lot on the edge of the neighborhood. No more disappearances occurred in that area.